Monday, March 12, 2012

Not All Wrinkles are Bad

The other night while on Pinterest I cropped and uploaded this photo of my daughter's Pug, Mugli. (I know, don't you just love that name?) Within an hour he had been "liked or pinned" by just over 15 random people. Crazy how this reaches people you don't know nor they you or what makes a pin or a like? Perhaps it's because pug's are so cute, funny and quite the clowns.

Mugli's mom had gotten a new tablet, was experimenting with black and white and took this shot. His little mug is so sweet and the lines in the photo are interesting.

Technology today puts such power in our hands. If we take the moment when it is presented and "snap," we may capture something of value. The image is varied in tones and lines while generating powerful insight into a life moment. 

Mugli's intense stare probably wonders if there is a treat awaiting him. As humans we may personify our pets and yet, what we share with our pet is a treat for us, simply different. Sometimes not all wrinkles are bad they add character and may be well deserved. Wear them like you own them!

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