Monday, March 19, 2012

Play, Learn and Grow!

Our first winter in Minnesota was a mild one. Spring is here in temperature just before it is official on the calendar.

We love having our grand kids over for an afternoon and boredom is never far away in our media filled lives. TV, smart phones, cameras, tablets, ipads, iphones, laptops and handheld games for kids have created constant stimuli for all ages.

Many years ago a friend during a play date with our children suggested boredom is a good thing. It allows our children to explore their options to entertain themselves. No need to be plugged-in or signed-up in order to have socialization and intelligent interaction.

Our granddaughters brought their bikes and scooters since it was going to be sunny and warm. The color pencils and paper were brought outside to draw something or anything we spied outdoors. Given the brown grass and lack of flowers, birds or butterflies I began drawing signs, cars and  people in the neighborhood.

I don't recall when the notion of drawing just signs came to mind but the shape of a stop sign came into question. "Can you help me draw one grammie?" Soon I realized how complicated of a shape this was for a five year old. The idea took off. I drew an octagon while she watched. I numbered the sides after finished and then she tried. Much to her amazement she did it!

Then we progressed to sounding out the letters that spell "STOP." Then we drew them. She wanted to do "Go" and then "Turn." All the while taxing my mind as to color of the signs and explaining why the variations in colors and shapes and their meaning to a driver. Soon she was up on her scooter using the signs after she and I drew and lettered all of them. She could recognize the shape, word and motion expected at the time she was shown the sign by me.

What fun we both had and soon her 3 year old sister and poppie were all involved. We took turns holding the signs and giving out directions accordingly. Good time was had by all.

Projects materials: Paper, colors or color pencils and an imagination. Enjoy!

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